Let's organize
the most beautiful and original
birthday party!

A fairytale birthday is ready to be celebrated!

Whether your little one has a birthday or just wants to spend a special day with their friends, the recipe for a fantastic party is to make it unique and unforgettable.

Our buffets


First tier menu:

  • Cocktail aperitif and pretzels
  • Ascolane olives
  • Homemade mixed fried food (also vegetarian only)
  • Battered vegetables
  • Valdostane
  • Small pizzas
  • Various flavors of bruschetta
  • Panzerotti con affettati and stracchino
  • Mini pastries and bomboloncini
  • Anniversary cake
  • Soft drinks, carafe wine and water
  • Bubbly wine

To the first band you can add:

Porchetta and pane brutto in the basket, vegetable pies, cold rice and Tuscan spelled, cold first course, quality wine and coffee


Buffet for adults and children:

  • Cake of your choice between Millefeuille, Sponge Cake and Tart
  • Mini pastry 
  • Donuts
  • Mini sandwiches with affettati or Nutella
  • Small pizzas
  • French fries
  • Mini sandwiches with wurstel
  • Water, soft drinks, bubble wine
  • Buffet equipment
  • Invitations, free return to the playground for the birthday boy!

Enrich the Buffet by adding:

Pizza in a pan, french fries, panzerotti (alone or with affettati), focaccias (with Nutella or affettati), Ascolane olives, fried mozzarella, battered vegetables, chicken nuggets, homemade fried food (even just veg), Valdostana, HotDoggone, Nutellone

Winter only - Birthday lunch

In summer, Pizza for dinner!

  • Tortelli + Pasta with tomato sauce
  • Chicken nuggets with french fries
  • Sliced ​​chicken on a bed of chips
  • Water
  • Cake
  • Pizza
  • Tortelli
  • Salads
  • Fast Food

Reservation is welcome!

Speedy Party

Children's package

  • Pizza
  • French fries
  • Stuffed sandwiches
  • Nutella Party or Cake (price difference)
  • Equipment
  • Soft drinks
  • .. And a playground available
    (excluding coin-operated games)

And remember:

You can also just rent the space and bring the buffet from home!

Birthday times:






Orari di apertura

Orari di Apertura

Dall’ 8 giugno al 30 settembre

Aperto tutti i giorni
10-12.30 / 15-19.30 / 21-24