The show is at Parco Pitagora

A splendid open-air theater nestled among the pines of the Pithagoras Park where, especially in the summer period, various types of shows take place: singing competitions, fashion shows, theatrical performances, ballets, sports exhibitions.

If you are an artist, a singer, an actor, a model, or simply a spectator, go on stage and choose who to play!

Splendid Shows

You can perform for your end-of-school recital

or walk on the catwalk and feel like a model… and if you sing, or want to try, take part in the cantascuola, the singing competition between elementary and middle school children!

…and for the little ones: recreational workshops, entertainment and animated fairy tales!

Orari di apertura

Orari di Apertura

Dall’ 8 giugno al 30 settembre

Aperto tutti i giorni
10-12.30 / 15-19.30 / 21-24