A dream picnic in the heart of the park..

In the greenery of the park, surrounded by lush nature, we invite you to organize your splendid picnic to spend moments of joy and relaxation with your dear friends. The serene and regenerating atmosphere of the park will offer you an ideal setting for having fun and relaxing in company. And if, by chance, you forgot something essential for your perfect picnic, don’t worry! You can count on our cozy bar, located right nearby, where you will find everything you need.


  • Parking in the green area of ​​the park is free
  • Indoor packed lunch stop
    (booking required) €1 per session
  • Lunch served €8.00
  • Lunch and playground 2 hours €14

    (excluding coin-operated games)

    and 1 turn on the brucomela

Unforgettable moments in the green!

Unforgettable moments in the green!

Whether you need delicious food and drinks, cozy blankets to lay on the grass, picnic utensils or anything else, at our cafe you will have a wide selection of items to satisfy your every need. We are here to ensure that your day in the park is unforgettable and worry-free.

So, it doesn’t matter if you forgot something, we will solve the “problem” for you!

Orari di apertura

Orari di Apertura

Dall’ 8 giugno al 30 settembre

Aperto tutti i giorni
10-12.30 / 15-19.30 / 21-24